The Temple Type

Temple students, alumni, faculty and staff have a spark surging within them, a unique perspective equipped to electrify the world. They understand that effort is a component of progress, and the more energy they put in, the greater impact they'll have. The Temple Type isn’t trying to be something—they keep doing until they become what the world needs.

Morgan Hall and Philadelphia skyline
  • Positioning Statement

    Temple’s brand positioning statement is “Tenacious Vision in Action” because our community has the vision to see what society needs and the unrelenting drive to make it happen. By referring to this phrase when shaping university communications you will better focus the story you are trying to convey.

    These four aspects of the institution prove the brand’s truth. All marketing communications should focus on these attributes (with some playing a more prominent role than others at times) as proof points for what makes Temple University unique.

    This statement is not a tagline. It is an internal guide for marketing communications and should never appear on outward-facing materials.

Brand Application

How it Looks in Practice

Full Case Studies

  • Getting Owls Hired / July 2015

    In 2015, we developed the Hire an Owl campaign.

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    Verishia Coaxum, a student featured in Temple's Hire an Owl ad campaign
  • (Not Your Average Digital) Viewbook / June 2015

    In 2015, we developed Temple University’s first digital viewbook.

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    desktop, tablet and mobile views of the Next Stop website
  • The Super Bowl, Stella and the Skyline / February 2015

    The Temple community chose the ending for our Super Bowl ad.

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    Temple University's live mascot, Stella the owl


Refer to the brand guidelines for the fundamental elements of the brand and basic instructions for how to use each of them. For any additional resources, contact Mary Ann Fong.

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Read Temple University’s Marketing Policy.

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